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What is Drawing

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Small group discussion 1: What is drawing? (Record your answers in your sketchbook.) Be prepared to share your thoughts with the class. (5mins)

Small group discussion 2: What keeps you from drawing? Be prepared to share your thoughts with the class. (3-5mins)

Small group discussion 3: What will make drawing easier? Be prepared to share your thoughts with the class. (3-5mins)


What is drawing?  What keeps you from drawing?  What will make drawing easier? 
  • an arrangement of line & mark in space
  • designed to serve a variety of expressive purposes (tell stories, educate, inspire, reveal, entertain, inform)
  •  can describe appearances, comment, convey and relate history
  • the arrangement of line and mark can speak of things visible, imaginary & invisible
  • can be representational, symbolic and non-objective
  • I can't draw.
  • My drawings look like stick figures
  • My drawing doesn't look real.
  • I don't have any talent. 
  • FEAR 
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Don't worry about being perfect.
  • Set reasonable expectations.
  • Enjoy the process of getting there.
  • Don't overthink things.
  • Challenge assumptions. (What would happen if...?)
  • Ignore uninformed feedback.
  • Find community. 
  • Observe 


Of course, practice, practice, practice! 




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