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Mashup Project Ideas

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  • Write a collaborative song with your peers. Better yet, do it all a capella. Check out a project done by ZeFrank here.


  • Use GoogleMaps to create an interactive map for tourists. Or think of something else similar to 21 Poets For Sheffield. What else can used within the map?


  • Use Popcorn Maker to combine video and audio with content from the rest of the web — from text, links and maps to pictures and live feeds.

What topic could you showcase? A tourist resource would be possible.


  • Use YouTubeDoubler to play 2 videos simultaneously. Below is something similar done in a low tech way.



(The following project ideas taken from here)

  • Laugh Track Mash: Mashup a scene from your favorite movie with a laugh track. You can find some appropriate laugh tracks on freesounds.org as well as within iMovie. Use keepvid.com to pull a clip off of youtube for you to use!




  • One Movie Watches Another: Find some clips of a classic movie where a character is in a movie theater, or is watching something on a TV or computer screen. Edit in sequences from a newer movie's trailer, one that you wou;d totally not expect this character to be watching. Get it? One movie watching another. If you are good, the watching character's emotions will be relfectd by the scenes in the new movie. Even better, bleed some of the audio of the newer trailer over the original so the sounds overlap.


  • Remix an Album Cover: Find an iconic album cover and remix it to represent a something different. It can be a play on the title, the image, the aesthetic, genre, etc. See the visual example featuring Snoop Dog and Dr Dre as Chronic Youth (a play on Sonic Youth's album cover Goo).



  • Consumer Mashup : Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place. Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product. Do as many as you want.


  • Local Commercial Mashup: Find a local place/business that you love! Create a commercial for it using video you've captured and mash it up with audio that provides a discordant experience. For example, mashing up video footage of a children's carousel with heavy metal music.


  • Music Mapped Videos: Pick a song that has geographic references (or heck, make up the references), and create a Google Map that has the locations along with media for each pin in the map. Mash it up with the audio or video of the song into a new video- making it a music mapped video!


  • Music Mash: Take clips from different songs and mash them up into something fun. Try to use random effects and cross music genres.


  • Movie Trailer Mashup: Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; or vice versa. You may need to clip the audio or the visual, use imovie and audacity to cut the clips to give you what you need. Good luck!


  • Lip Read!: The basic idea for this assignment is to find a video clip of anything and change the words through a voice dub. The video could be of anything, but you should change the intention completely through your use of over dubbing.


  • Ben Harwood’s Track blazing troubadour: Make a movie trailer by taking a trilogy, or any series of movies (Lord Of The Rings, Saw, Final Destination etc.) and combine scenes from all the trailers to make one trailer.



  • Joining the Conversation: For this assignment I want you to find a video clip with at least two people in it, it can be from a movie, newscast, music video, etc. and I want you to be the voice for one of the people. So find a way to mute or edit out one of the voices and then I want you to add in your own voice. Make it funny and have fun with it, don't just simply repeat the dialogue!


  • Supercut It: Create a supercut montage of overused dialogue, themes, motifs, filmmaking techniques, etc. for a particular character, tv show, film, and/or public figure. A supercut is a "fast-paced montage of short video clips that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film and TV. Supercut.org collects every known example of the video remix meme." For examples and descriptions of supercuts visit: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/supercut and http://supercut.org/


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